How much do property management/rental companies charge in Summit County, CO?

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In this video Henry Barr gives some advice about property management/rental companies and their fees in Summit County Colorado….

This is Henry from the Barr Team at ReMax Properties of the Summit in Frisco, Colorado. Trying to answer some questions for you, one of the questions that I got just recently was…”How much do full service property management/rental companies charge?”  Well that’s not an easy question because they all charge differently. The rates really vary from a low of about 15%-20% to a high of about 50%. You really need to check with your property management/rental company to see what their fees are. All companies are different and the fees vary, so you need to check very carefully to see what is it you are paying for and what is included and what is expected in your cost. These costs have actually gone down somewhat in the last couple of years due to the newcomers to the market like airbnb and VRBO. So do ask your rental company what amount they charge and do understand fully what they do charge for. That’s my best advice on that. For any of your real estate needs please call us here at The Barr team so we can help you answer them. Thank you.