Well water vs. City Water in Summit County, Colorado

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In this video Henry explains the pros and cons of having a property with a well in comparison to having a home with city water in Summit County, Colorado…
This is Henry Barr with the Barr Team at Re/Max Properties of the Summit in Frisco, CO. I have been asked to explain the differences/pros and cons about having a well or being on city water and sewer. One of the first things to let you know is normally you can’t have both. Usually if there is city water and sewer available at the property you cannot have a well on you property. Properties that have wells are the ones that can’t have city water and sewer, so those would be the outlying properties or the properties outside of the city limit or the city municipal system. There are some places in Summit County that have wells where you would think that they are the city limits but they, technically, are not. Frisco is a classic example, parts of the area that is called Frisco are not in the town limits and those actually have individual wells on them. Ptarmigan Mountain in Silverthorne is another area that seems like it is in the city but it is not and they have wells. A well is your own water system and the nice part is that you are not paying for the amount of water that you use. You are not paying a monthly fee.  You do have to pay the initial set up fee to dig the well (if there is no current well on the property) which usually runs about $22-$25 per foot and wells can go any where from 50 ft to 1,000 feet deep just depending on what part of the county you are in. You will want to have your well water tested for potability to make sure it is safe to drink and then I would also recommend having your water tested to make sure it is not too soft, not too hard, also to determine whether it has minerals in it that you don’t want, but most of those things can be treated fairly with a well system.  A lot of people have water softeners and filters, some people have chlorinators on them. Wells really vary depending upon the type of water you have when you dig your well. Most of all the wells on under 35 acres are going to be household wells only, which means you can only use the water inside the house, you cannot take the water outside to do your lawns, to water animals on the outside or to even water gardens or wash a car. You need to know that in Colorado that there are special rules that apply to water and wells that are not in city limits. And then with city water you are going to pay a monthly fee depending on your water usage and if you are building a house you are going to pay a water tap fee. City water comes from a municipal system and it is treated and is supplied to you as much as you want it and as much as you want to pay for it. That explains wells in a brief explanation. I’d be happy to explain it in more details to anyone that has an interest, please give me call for more information.