Who can I expect to see at closing when buying a home?

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In this video Henry Barr explains who you can expect to see when you’re headed for the closing table…

Hi the is Henry from the Barr Team at ReMax Properties of the Summit in Frisco, Colorado trying to answer a couple of your questions. One question we got the other day is “Who should I expect to see at the closing table?” Well that’s interesting, that’s if you even have a closing table. Up here is Summit County, a lot of our closings are done with out-of-town owners and out-of-town Buyers, so a lot of it is done through FedEx and Express Mail and there really isn’t a sit-down closing like you might see on the Front Range. But if we do have one of those closings and we sit down and let’s say we do have all four people, the Buyers and the Sellers all show up to closing, then you might also have the title person doing the closing, you might have the lender and you probably would have both Realtors. That’s an unusual circumstance to have everyone at the closing table, but just check with your Realtor to find out who might be attending so that you know what to expect if you are planning on coming to the real estate closing table. Hope that answers your questions. if you have any other questions please feel free to call us here at the Barr Team for any of your real estate needs.