Are appliances included when I buy a home in Summit County, Colorado?

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In this video, Henry tells us what appliances are typically included when buying a home in Summit County, Colorado…
Hi this is Henry Barr with The Barr Team at REMAX Properties of the Summit here is Frisco, Colorado.  I have been asked ‘Do appliances come with a property when buying here in Summit County?’.  The answer is normally ‘yes’ but it does vary and it will usually be specifically spelled out in the contract as to what is included and what’s not.  Normally in Summit County the kitchen appliances are included and unlike in the Front Range, refrigerators, here in Summit County, are included.  A lot of times in the Front Range refrigerators are not included in the sale of a home, but it is customary here is Summit County that all of those kitchen appliances are included.  It should be spelled out in the contract as to what appliances are included and which ones are not.  Washer and dryer should also be spelled out in the contract as to whether they’re included.  So when in doubt, always put it out in the paperwork and include it in your contract.