What is a home inspection?

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In this video, Henry explains the ins and outs of a home inspection…
Hi I am Henry Barr with the Barr Team at ReMax Properties of the Summit, here is Frisco Colorado and I have been asked ‘What is an Inspection?’  An inspection normally refers to the vendor that does the home inspection of the property.The inspection is one of the more important pieces of the buying process. This is when the Buyer hires an outside company to inspect the property to see if it has any faults and what the issues are in the house and any things that don’t work and so forth. Some people use the inspection to look for every little thing including paint blemishes, ripped screens, light bulbs out, etc. But realistically I feel that an inspection is used to inspect those systems that you cannot see when you walk in the property, those items like electrical, plumbing, heating, roof, the foundation, these are things that the inspector would be looking for and these are really important things for the Buyer to know of. Now the Buyer may choose to ask for all of these items to be addressed or may only want to address certain important ones.It’s really up to the Buyer’s discretion, it’s also up to the Sellers discretion as to what they will fix and what they won’t fix. Or if you’re on some middle ground i.e. a cash settlement or if the Seller gives the Buyer the cost to repair an item to be used at a later date, these are all things that go into an inspection and the inspection objection.  It is probably one of the more important pieces of buying your home.  Before you have an inspection done, check out a couple inspectors, get references on them, see which ones you want to use, see what their prices are and check what they will and will not be inspecting.