When should a Buyer schedule a home inspection?

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Henry Barr explains how soon after going under contract that a buyer should have a home inspection…
Hi I am Henry Barr from the Barr Team here at Re/Max Properties of the Summit.  Questions come up from Buyers wanting to know how soon they should do their inspection once they’re under contract. I would say as soon as possible but within reason. Within reason is normally 2-3 weeks after you go under contract and the reason for that is the inspectors are usually booked a week to two weeks out, sometimes it takes a week for the inspection to get done including radon testing on any other testing that you want done. So giving yourself 2-3 weeks is probably a reasonable amount of time. If you do much more then that the seller is probably going to reject that long time for the inspection clause and if you do it sooner then that you are probably unrealistic in getting an inspector to do it in time for you.