Whose responsibility is it to maintain and snow plow various dirt roads in Summit County, CO?

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In this video Henry informs us about the maintenance and snow plowing of dirt roads in Summit County, CO…
I’m Henry Barr from The Barr Team at Re/Max Properties of the Summit in Frisco Colorado. Questions often come up on dirt roads in neighborhoods, that’s an interesting question since all roads are not paved here in the mountains, some are dirt, some are paved and some are a combination. It really varies on who takes care of the roads. Different neighborhoods have different scenarios. Some are county roads that are actually plowed by the county and are dirt roads and they are plowed just like regular paved roads. Other roads are plowed by a private homeowners association that plows their own roads or a private road association that plows their own roads. And then some in the county are in areas that are not plowed at all by anybody, it just depends and whoever is the last man down the road gets to plow. You want to be somewhat careful on that that you understand the ramifications of being in an area that the roads are not plowed by any entity on a regular basis. That can be problematic for insurance, that can be problematic just for logistics of getting to and from your home. If you have a dirt road situation, or even paved road situation, you want to ask your realtor and make sure to find out who plows those roads and maintains those roads should they need maintaining.