July Real Estate Market Update by Kate

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Hello and Happy Summer Selling Season!!

We have entered the PEAK Real Estate Season of the year! If you’re considering Selling, NOW is the time! The market is busy and the Buyers are HERE! If you’re considering Buying, NOW is the time! Interest rates are still low and you historically have the best selection in the summer months! Contact our team today for a market value on your home or to have us keep an eye out for what you’re looking to buy!

Historically, election years can be a little “funny” in the real estate world, with activity slowing down earlier in the fall than in non-election years. The political/economic uncertainty usually causes people to just hold off and sit tight come September/October… so for Sellers, that means you may not get much showing activity post summer. And for Buyers, that means I wouldn’t wait too long and I wouldn’t expect what you’re looking for to come along after the leaves have changed.

It’s best to do the best with what you can RIGHT NOW… For Sellers, meaning get the best offers you can, get them up in price and go with them. And for Buyers, jumping on a property that meets 90%+ of what you’re looking for may be the better option rather than waiting to see if that perfect property may or may not come on the market later… and at what price…

Regardless what you’re looking to do, or what you’re even considering maybe doing… our team is here to help! We have 3 Licensed Brokers available for you, so let us provide you with current stats, comparable sales and our vast network of industry resources like handymen, lenders, plumbers, snow plowers and more! We’re here to help – just give us a call or shoot us an email! We look forward to hearing from you and hope to see you around the county soon!

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