Restrictive Covenants in a Subdivision – Why are they important?

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In this video Henry Barr tells us about the importance of knowing all about the restrictive covenants in the subdivision before you buy!

Hi this is Henry Barr with The Barr Team at Re/Max Properties of the Summit here is Frisco Colorado.  Just want to talk a moment about covenants, what they include and what they don’t and so forth. Covenants are similar to HOA dues in that you’ve got to read them carefully to understand what they do and do not cover. Now most covenants will tell you what you can do and can’t do in the subdivision where you live or where you are looking to buy, whether you can build fences, whether you can have BBQ grills, whether you can have short term rentals. Those are all important things to look for in covenants. As a general rule the more expensive associations will probably have the tighter covenants, that’s a general rule, examples of those would be in Three Peaks and Ruby Ranch. Those are some fairly tight covenants so you want to read very carefully on what they include. Some of the other covenants that aren’t quite as restrictive would be some of the ones like Summit Cove and Mesa Cortina. All of them will generally have architectural review guidelines of some sort, but as to actual restrictive covenants, they’ll probably have them, some are enforced and some are not. Each covenant situation is different so be very careful when looking into them.